What does it take to win?


"Winning in business is great because when companies win people thrive and grow. There are more jobs and more opportunities everywhere and for everyone. People feel upbeat about the future; they have the resources to send their kids to college, get better health care, buy vacation homes, and secure a comfortable retirement. And winning affords them the opportunity to give back to society in hugely important ways beyond just paying more taxes – they can donate time and money to charities... Winning lifts everyone it touches – it just makes the world a better place.
That’s why winning is great!" – Jack Welch.

Strategy and management system.


For a successful, confident business doing we have studied the best world experience on
management of construction organizations, and created a flexible, compact and efficient system where from the decision until its embodiment in life is spent minimum time. System is time-tested and proven by success of the company and the pace of its organic growth.
• The speed and quality of our works produced speaks for itself, being the best advertising.
Competitive advantage of the work of the company consists of perfect balance of weighted and reasonable cost of production and use of the most effective modern technologies.
• Relations within the company are built on the notion of the firm as a big family, where personal goals of each member of the team coincide with the general philosophy of the organization. We do our best for the harmonious relationship of our corporate mission and values of moral and ethical values of each individual employee in the organization.
• Company «Kenmer» builds its business, trying to differentiate between the evaluation of the contribution of each employee to the common cause, encouraging leadership and allowing its best and brightest workers to achieve professional heights. The company established a system of equal values and opportunities, where every employee, regardless of their position, have the right to vote and can fully realize their potential, and to implement the best ideas.
• Even in the difficult times of overcoming of the world crisis it is necessary to manage the business without losing self-esteem; the company wants to be honest and sincere with partners and is ready at the right moment to take full responsibility for their actions.


New environmental standards.


In its business activity the company «Kenmer» firmly
adheres to the world and European standards of ecological purity of production.
• The company develops and improves high-tech ecologically oriented technologies,
methods and processes used in the construction of private houses, office,
commercial and other civilian installations and facilities.
• We support ethical and professional basis of «clean» construction and
believe that nature, air and fauna of the planet are the property of the whole mankind, and the health of every human being - priceless.
• Organization strictly observing all laws, regulations and requirements of
public authorities on certification and standardization of construction
activities relating to the protection, improvement and development of the environment.
• Company «Kenmer» is ready to partnership with organizations working in the field of planning and supporting environmentally-friendly, energy and hydro-saving production facilities.


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